My name is Neiel D. Cavin and I am a "Slasher" - artist/illustrator/graphic designer, & video-editor/sound-designer/etcetera.

This URL is where you can see examples of the storyboards & graphic assets I create for video productions.


I meet with the video/creative director & the client. In detail, we go over the script & the possible scenes that will be depicted in the video. This either happens in person or via Skype. In person, I work with pencil, paper, & eraser. On Skype, I share my screen and sketch digitally in real-time.

These sketches are rough and happen quickly, keeping pace with the idea storming. Often the client &/or director will revise concepts as they see them visualized.

I will also offer my creative feedback, if solicited.



I refine the rough sketches (if necessary), make any changes, add the appropriate script text, and create a multi-page PDF of the scenes in sequence. In the case of animated videos, I create the concept art or, more often, I illustrate the multi-layer art assets used by animators.


Various Projects

Below are examples of storyboard frames and their corresponding finished video images.

To watch the completed videos, click here.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, you can also visit for examples of my other "Slasher" work.